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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brown Patch, Spurge, Nutsedge Saint Louis Weather is improving for lawns!

Nut Sedge

 Saint louis weather seems to be improving. This week we will stay in the eightees. Summer pests such as nut sedge (water grass, nut grass) and spurge should slow down and will soon stop germinating. Brown patch does not seem to be active at this point. While I am thankful for this break in the weather and I am hopeful that we will not have any more prolonged streaks of 100 plus heat indexes, I am also sure that their are many area lawns that sustained major damage and will not fully bounce back with the improving weather. I see many lawns when I am out working that are in bad need of a good aeration and over seeding and some extra cultivation and repair. You should look for a company to do the work that will give your lawn the attention it needs. There are many companies out there that offer aeration for $40 dollars. You can't even rent an aerator for that price. I have been around and seen the results of these cheap jobs and they are far from being up to par. The end result is you finding out you should have had a quality job done and by the time you realize it you are past the prime time to fix the lawn. With aeration the saying is " the more holes you poke the better." A quality job includes the lawn being aerated at least twice as much as a el cheapo job, better equipment being used to pull deeper plugs. Any bare or thin areas being run over many times to loosen and cultivate the area to make a good seed bed, Straw may be used in some areas to prevent the seed from washing off in the rain and most yards take at least fifty pounds of high quality turf seed (depending upon measurment and how thick the grass is). I also like to throw in free starter fertilizer for my customers. This gives the lawn a nice color but also aids in the rapid development of the new grass and contains essential nutrients for it to vigorously grow a hearty root system. If there is one thing you need done right to have a great lawn, this is it! Aeration and seeding is the most important step in maintaining a great looking thick lawn. If you live in Saint Louis or Saint Charles county you can contact me at (636) 439-0808 or visit my website http://www.theturftrainer.com/ and I will provide you with a free qoute and lawn analysis. Don't forget September through October is the best time to have this done. Don't wait until it's to late!

Brown Patch (disease)


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