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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nut Sedge, Water Grass, Crabgrass and spurge

Right now Saint Louis and Saint Charles area lawns have several predominant weeds. These weeds would always be a problem this time of year because they are hot weather or summer annual weeds. Crab grass has broken through on many lawns and taken care of week areas in the lawn. I recommend having this looked at by a professional to decide whether or not it makes sense to go ahead and spray it with a selective herbicide. The best defense against crab grass is a thick stand of turf grass. I highly recommend having your lawn reseeded, repaired and aerated and have a pre emergent chemical applied professionally next spring to prevent it from germinating.

Nut sedge is the proper name and is a sedge plant although it looks some what like a grass. Many people also refer to it as water grass. It commonly grows in wet marshy areas and along streams and ponds. It is tall and a lighter green color than your grass and grows faster than your turf grass. Many times it is much taller only several days after mowing. Nut sedge loves hot weather and water. Whenever it is extremely hot and you have heavy rain or water heavily you may notice shortly after that more of it has come up on your lawn. It is a menace, unsightly and will spread year to year like wildfire and develop into big unsightly patches if it isn't managed properly. There are selective herbicides that will help in the battle against "water grass". However, in my experience when home owners attempt to use these chemicals themselves they end up killing the areas they sprayed on their lawn. It takes the experience of a professional and a few tricks to use the chemicals more effectively without causing costly damage. 

Spurge is a hard to kill hot weather weed. Many times you will see it growing over the curb or near concrete. Although it also commonly infests whole lawns. It usually creeps along the ground and grows out instead of up. The leaves are small oval shaped leaves along a stem. They are very dark green and many times the stems have a reddish tint to them. Again whenever it rains hard and it is very hot out you may have an outbreak of this menacing unsightly weed shortly after. It is a tough weed to control. However, I myself use professional chemicals that have no problem ridding lawns of spurge. There are also some other tricks I have up my sleeve that help me utterly destroy it. 

If you have a lawn infested with weeds in the summertime in Saint Louis, Saint Charles and surrounding areas call me for a free lawn analysis and quote. I would be more than happy to help get your lawn in shape. My direct line is (636) 439-0808 and my web address is www.theturftrainer.com

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