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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saint Louis, Saint Charles area lawns brown and full of weeds.

I have been out looking at lawns on a daily basis. Since I earn my living keeping lawns healthy and looking great I pay attention to turf problems every where I go all the time. Lawns in the Saint Louis Metro area including Saint Charles county are looking very rough. It is an exception when I see a lawn that looks pretty good. We have had extreme weather conditions for awhile and they have took their toll on area lawns. We also had a hot streak with high night time temperatures and humidity levels very early this year. When we hit that period disease really became active. There was a little break in weather and then we went back into similar and more extreme weather. My concern this year was that there were multiple periods in which disease was active. Sometimes if areas on your lawn are hit by disease once it will be mostly cosmetic damage and the lawn will bounce back. However, in a year like this year when it becomes active on the lawn multiple times it will kill areas (possibly large areas) of your lawn and it will not bounce back.  Disease problems combined with extremely high temperatures and drought has made many lawns look terrible. They will definitely need attention starting this September in the form of lawn repair. I recommend having your whole lawn aerated heavily and over seeded professionally. To take this one step further you should hire someone who will cultivate and bare or trouble areas extra to make a nice bed for seed. If there are areas where water may cause seed to run off they should be covered by a thin layer of straw to hold the seed in place. If you need further advice, or are interested in having your lawn fixed this fall you can call me at
(636) 439-0808 , or visit my website www.theturftrainer.com and contact me for a free lawn analysis and quote. I am currently offering free starter fertilizer when you sign up for aeration and seeding. I also offer full lawn health packages to keep your lawn in shape. Please link to this blog as I will be blogging on other turf problems as they arise and am always happy to offer a professionals advice.

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