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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hybrid Fertilizer Programs Organic and Synthetic Blend Works Best

A lot of companies use all synthetic fertilizers. Many lawn care companies including all the major companies use all synthetic "man made" fertilizers all year long. They even fertilize with this through the summer months. Many times this is to the detriment of the lawn. Here in the Saint Louis metro area we experience periods of extreme heat and drought which puts many lawns under severe stress and drys them up. Man Made or synthetic fertilizers contain high amounts of mineral salts which when used on a lawn under stress can actually make it much worse. If a lawn is teetering on the brink of death in many parts of the lawn and you add synthetic fertilizers this can actually cause the grass more stress and harm and kill parts of the lawn. If you have an irrigation system and water like crazy during these periods this may not be a concern. However, in our area we also tend to have fungus problems. I see brown patch in the Saint Louis Metro area all the time. This can occur on lawns that are well irrigated as well as lawns that are not. When you add high nitrogen synthetic fertilizers to a lawn that has some brown patch it can make it rapidly spread and get much worse in a short amount of time. Guess what if you have a lawn fertilizing service specifically the larger ones they are going to fertilize your lawn in the summer months with synthetic fertilizers whether your lawn is stressed from drought and heat, or whether it has brown patch. Their main concern is billing you whether or not it hurts your lawn. Further more many of the technicians caring for your lawn don't even have the appropriate knowledge to know they are doing the wrong thing.

My company uses a blend of organic and synthetic. Earlier in the year when the weather is cooler and wetter and lawns are not under stress I use synthetic fertilizers with higher nitrogen. These fertilizers are also coated with pre emergents to help prevent crabgrass and grub control to help stop your lawn from being eaten by grubs later in the year. As the year goes on and we come into more stressful weather for the lawns I switch to organic fertilizers. These fertilizers have a very, very low mineral salt content much lower than synthetic and will not burn your lawn up. They also do not contain such high nitrogen numbers as to make brown patch go crazy and spread. These organic fertilizers also contain minerals which help give the grass a darker green color while not making the grass try to grow faster due to high nitrogen like a synthetic would in the summer. During the summer you should not try and make the grass grow very fast this is also hard on the plant as it should naturally be slowing down to protect itself. Another benefit to organic fertilizers is that they ad important minerals and organic compounds and bacteria to your soil. In my opinion this is a great idea especially in areas that have mainly clay with no topsoil. I think it really helps build up what is missing in the soil. Later in the year as cooler whether approaches I switch back to synthetic fertilizers. This balanced approach really works best. The right fertilizers at the right time. Organic fertilizers are not as effective in the spring and fall, but have many advantages over synthetic during the summer.

If you have any questions, or are interested in seeing the results through the year of a balanced organic synthetic hybrid program and want something different than what all the larger companies offer you can contact me. My web address is www.theturfttrainer.com or you can call me at (636) 439-0808. I offer free estimates and quotes and remember The Turf Trainer "We keep your lawn in shape!"

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